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Wayne Donnelly
Transformative Mindset Coaching
for People and Business
Wayne Donnelly is a highly rated mindset coach committed to helping others succeed. He distills 15 years of coaching experience to deliver tangible results every time. With Wayne's guidance, knowledge and experience, you can uncover whatever is holding you back, face challenges and overcome your blocks to joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life, business and career.

Wayne is a charismatic speaker and mentor with accolades from people who improved their self-image, changed their beliefs, resolved addictions, cleared trauma and created big change in their lives. 

Utilising unique combinations of techniques, Wayne delivers effective personalised, strategic programs that fast track transformation. Individuals and teams unlock their untapped resources to achieve results that often exceed expectations.

"Don't let anyone, including yourself, prevent you from achieving your dreams now."

- Daniel Gumiero
“I’ve been working with Wayne for a few weeks now and am seeing big improvements. We have been working on helping me achieve a more balanced lifestyle. He’s also helped me to see my try values and what my real why is. He’s encouraged me to be more goal drive and use visualisation. Working 1 on 1 with Wayne keeps you accountable and reminds you of the  importance to always be  growing and improving in all aspects of your life.”

Graham Whitfield
Whitfield Building Consultancy Pty Ltd

What attendees have to say:
“I feel like a completely different person”
“Really fascinating”
“Things have changed”
“I have a complete sense of power”
“A cloak has been lifted”

“I highly recommend coaching with Wayne for anyone that’s seeking positive transformation. Before coaching I felt stuck and overwhelmed, trying to balance too many things at once, tired and stressed. I needed help to bring in some positive change and help me align my mindset with my goals. Your coaching has helped me transform the way I think, to align my mindset, beliefs, values and identity with my goals."

 “I just loved working with Wayne. Six weeks ago I was feeling a little bit isolated in myself in what I could achieve, my dreams were vague. Wayne has been able to help me really visualise and grab hold of what my future is going to be and connect me to that. I’ve found the program to really make a huge change in where I’m heading. I’m so excited about recreating myself and being able to see a really, really great future!"

“It’s been a life changer. Thank you so much. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done. You gave me so many tools. I just really let myself completely go into the process and trust you and you were amazing. I  felt completely safe in the space that you created and it made me rally able to go deep to finally be able to release and clear and shift. It was amazing. I was blown away by how effective everything was and how I could actually feel the shift happening straight away. It was really powerful.
 I wasn’t quite ready to step into that leadership role in my business. It’s been really powerful for me because now, I actually have truly stepped up. It really enabled me to step into that person I wanted to be.”

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