Do you need an alignment?

Do you need an alignment?
Are you out of alignment? 

What I mean is, are things not quite right in your life? 
Are you missing out on achieving your goals and being 
who you are Meant to be ?

It’s because of the way we are thinking and believing.

A great writer explained it as the way our mind is arranged.
Who arranged it this way? Good question.

A number of things happened - cultural conditioning, 
events both good and bad as well as the meaning we 
gave those events, traumas (both childhood and later in life), 

When my car is not performing as well as it should 
I take it to a mechanic. And wow do I notice the difference.

It’s the same for each of us. And I’m the same. 
When I’m  not performing as well as i want or how I want,  
I go to see my trusted mentor and hypnotherapist. 
An amazing man. When i come back from that visit 
I am renewed and my mind in alignment. 

Are you out of alignment?

Learn more specifically about how you can get back into 
alignment with who you’re meant to be or back into your 
old self who was hitting their goals in a complimentary, 
1 on 1, 30 minute Alignment session. 

You’ll get clarity and focus on your next steps with 
more confidence too.

Just message me now and we will do it!

Do you use H ?

Do you use H ?
❓❓❓Do you use hypnosis Wayne❓❓❓That’s what I was asked yesterday. I was curious to find out as to why the question was asked.When I work with clients, whether it’s therapy of mindset coaching,  I will use whatever tools I have . The focus is to assist the client in unlocking their inner resources to become congruent within themselves.We aim for the desired outcome. There is a large choice of methods to do this. What’s important is choosing the appropriate tool for the work being done.So let’s look at the tool or methodology in question - hypnosis.Here are some common questions I am asked.What is it?What can it be used for?How does it work?Why does it not work?Will it work for me?Can I be hypnotised against my will?What does it feel like to be hypnotised?Do you have other questions that I haven’t mentioned?Would you like to test it out yourself? IfYou want to!Put TEST in the comments and we can jump on zoom to show you in about 5-10 minutes.
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