[contact_first_name] ,When do you start again after screwing up?

[contact_first_name] ,When do you start again after screwing up?
Hey ,

When is the best time to start again?

You know, when we are breaking and remaking a pattern in our lives…you fall over, you make a mistake, you backslide, you go back to the old pattern…

A client contacted me yesterday. He said “I broke”. He had a vape after being off them for ages. Then he said “I’ll start again next week”.

“Why not start again NOW!” I replied.

If you’re retraining your brain, changing your beliefs or creating a big change in your life be serious about it. NEVER GIVE UP!

This is where hypnotherapy and coaching meet. Breaking patterns, repatterning, repetition and accountability.

Be encouraged. Just because you took a step back doesn't mean you have to stay back.

Start again NOW!

If you need a helping hand then reach out to me here and we can get you started back on track in a complimentary, 30 min RESTARTER coaching session.

Have a most awesome day!

Wayne :)
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Back To Your Future...creating new reality...hypnotically!

Back To Your Future...creating new reality...hypnotically!
🚀 🚀🚀
“Back to the Future”
I want to share with you an exciting hypnotic concept about the nature of reality.
Do you want to begin an incredible journey? Then it’s back to the future.
Daydreams can become reality.
You probably have something that you truly desire in your life.
The trick is to convince your unconscious mind that it is real and it is now.
Many people already do this in a negative way to create panic, stress, anxiety and depression.

You can use it to create a new, positive and empowering reality.
This is how it works. You create the new identity. ..with emotion amd symbolism… and imagine yourself going into this identity ..spending time there to enjoy it. Repeat every night as you drift to sleep.

You can reinforce it with vision board, a mind movie, a self hypnosis recording, pictures around your home… until it appears.

Are you committed to this change?

If so, reach out and grab a complimentary 1 on 1 , 30 min coaching session with me…

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International Woman's Day Is Over!

International Woman's Day Is Over!
🙋‍♀️ International Woman’s Day has come and gone.
And like many “International” type days there is a focus…a sense of acknowledgement and empowerment…then it’s gone for another year… and quite possibly your sense of acknowledgement and empowerment also.

After that International Day… it’s back to work, business, life, home..

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can feel acknowledged and empowered everyday, whenever you feel like it.

The principle is simple… you can choose your “state” simply by making a decision to do so AND implementing a simple, easy to use mind control tool from NLP called “anchoring”.

Would you like to learn how to do this ?
Imagine what life will feel like when you take control of your “state”?
What will your best “state” enable you to do?

You can have my "Anchoring Masterclass MP3 to learn how to do this.
Like or put Anchor⚓️in the comments and I’ll send you my Anchoring Master lass MP3

By the way...You are AWESOME 😎

Restart your day with these Mind Management Tips

Restart your day with these Mind Management Tips
It's late Monday morning and you're half way through the day.
Maybe it started well...maybe it didn't.

There is nothing to stop you from resetting, restarting your mindset
to make a difference to your day.

Its easy to do...or easy not to do.

Clean and clear your mind with these tips.
You’ll see life a lot better through a clean windscreen.

Monday Mind Management Tips
1. Check in and be aware
2. Reframe - what else can this mean
3. Reposition yourself
4. Recharge your energy
5. Focus on your goal accomplished
6. Take action
7. Let it go

My mindset coaching clients are reminded of this regularly to stay on track.
Moulding minds is a great joy and responsibility.

Have a magnificent Monday.

Want to learn more about moulding your mind to be the man you want to be?
Like, comment or share for a complimentary , 1 on 1 Mindset Coaching session 
to give you a taste of the power of your unconscious mind.
You will enjoy the experience.
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You will enjoyy the epx

Do you need an alignment?

Do you need an alignment?
Are you out of alignment? 

What I mean is, are things not quite right in your life? 
Are you missing out on achieving your goals and being 
who you are Meant to be ?

It’s because of the way we are thinking and believing.

A great writer explained it as the way our mind is arranged.
Who arranged it this way? Good question.

A number of things happened - cultural conditioning, 
events both good and bad as well as the meaning we 
gave those events, traumas (both childhood and later in life), 

When my car is not performing as well as it should 
I take it to a mechanic. And wow do I notice the difference.

It’s the same for each of us. And I’m the same. 
When I’m  not performing as well as i want or how I want,  
I go to see my trusted mentor and hypnotherapist. 
An amazing man. When i come back from that visit 
I am renewed and my mind in alignment. 

Are you out of alignment?

Learn more specifically about how you can get back into 
alignment with who you’re meant to be or back into your 
old self who was hitting their goals in a complimentary, 
1 on 1, 30 minute Alignment session. 

You’ll get clarity and focus on your next steps with 
more confidence too.

Just message me now and we will do it!

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