What are you up to this coming Mother's Day weekend?

What are you up to this coming Mother's Day weekend?
Next weekend (7th and 8th May) is the Mother's Day Weekend.
And that means the Carrara Markets (Gold Coast, Queensland) 
will be having their annual Psychic Fair.

The organisers have asked me to come back to Carrara Markets
and do my thing - demonstrating hypnosis, improvised comedy
hypnosis mini shows and speaking on the power of your unconscious

In addition, I'll also be working with people who want to change
with my "Fix It Or It's Free" sessions. That is, if you demonstrate you are
able to respond to hypnosis quickly and deeply then I can give
hypnotic suggestions to create the change you desire.

There is a nominal fee which you only pay when you confirm that 
you have the evidence that the change you desire has occurred.
If this is for you, then come to Carrara Markets his weekend and 
give it a go.... you have nothing to lose expect your fears and 
unwanted habits.... 
and only great things to gain.

Have a great week and see you at Carrara Markets this weekend!


A hypnotic gift - You are Good Enough

A hypnotic gift - You are Good Enough
Poor Self Image - it seems to be at the root of so many of the problems that clients present to me. 

The sense of not being good enough. For many people this is overwhelming enough that it has a significant impact on their ability to be able to be all that they want to be and to achieve all that they want to achieve.

If this is you...you might also be self sabotaging. 

To help you overcome this I am including a hypnotic gift for you. Click here >>> "I Am good enough"...it's my hypnotic recording to install a new program for your self belief and knowing that you are good enough.

What's Your Pattern?

What's Your Pattern?
Here to help people overcome beliefs, habits and behaviours that are holding them back from being all they can be in life...

Patterns are everywhere in nature…from sunrise to sunset and back again.

As human beings, everything we do is in patterns. Have a look at the people around you and you seen them doing certain things in certain ways… in their pattern… or you might say habits.

Then have a look at your own life to observe and maybe ask yourself what patterns you’re working with. They operate like a strategy for the way you do things.

When the patterns are identified and analysed… then you can start on removing or revising them to overcome stress, anxiety, depression or other problems you may have.

You can do it yourself...or ... reach out to me and learn more
If you’re ready to change then book your complimentary, 60 minute , 1 on 1 “Breakdown To Breakthrough” strategy session here >>>
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You can do it! You can make the change you want...by changing what you focus on.

The old saying goes that "You become what you think about all day long"

Look around at your life, your circumstances, the way you feel. What have you focused on to create this?

Look for good things to focus on and maintain your focus. Persevere and you will see a change in what you feel and what you experience in life.

Check this quick video. 

Create Instant Change!

Create Instant Change!

How would you like to be able to change the way you feel in just a few seconds?

To go from stressed anxious, down ... to being peaceful, happy and calm.

What will it be like if you can step into the feeling of self confidence...or creativity...or filled with positivity...or whatever it is that you want to feel?
Imagine seeing yourself filled with a great sense of being able to do anything you want to do. Once you develop the skill of creating an anchor, then you will be able to do it for any resourceful state of mind you want to be in.
In essence, you are connecting a physical action (click of fingers, squeezing an earlobe, hand over heart or something else) with a feeling that you want.
With practice, you can change your "state" at will.


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