Upgrading Life? Upgrade Your Self Image!

Upgrading Life? Upgrade Your Self Image!
Self image… the picture that you hold of yourself. And while you hold onto this picture , like a death grip, it keeps you in that exact same place.

The key to change is being able to adjust your self image. Maybe not in a wholesale way, maybe but by bit… one aspect at a time. 

This is where  on mindset coaching and hypnotherapy intersect .

There may be one thing you want to change - like quitting a habit - smoking, drinking, gambling, cocaine, porn etc - maybe overcoming a fear, or developing confidence. This is where hypnotherapy can be a great intervention in changing your self image in this area.

But why stop there? With hypnotherapy and mindset coaching combined you can go for the  bigger picture and overhaul your life by following through with mindset change, accountability and action.

Ask yourself, what do you really want? It’s a big question that deserves more than a vague answer. Can you get to the specifics?
This is a powerful exercise, especially when you ask this next question…”who do I need to be that creates this life that I want?”

Can be confronting. Want to deal with this in a complimentary , 1 on 1 Self Discovery session?  DM me or put SELf in the comments.

Alternatively, join me in “how To Create Your Self Image for Success” free webclass Tuesday 13th Feb. 7pm Brisbane time. 
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Your Story Teller is Your Fortune Teller!

Your Story Teller is Your Fortune Teller!
📖❤️It’s the story teller in your life who is your fortune teller.

I heard the story of a man who believed is body would fall apart at 40. He was 38 and held onto this belief. Once he turned 40, he visited his massage therapist constantly for the neck pains, neck pains etc that hit after his birthday.

What are you telling yourself?  What’s your story?  How are you holding yourself back from what you can be by the story you tell?

It’s never too late to start a new story.

Need some assistance to change the story youve been telling yourself your whole life?

For a complimentary, 1 on 1 session to learn how to change your story and your life… put STORY in the comments 

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Reclaim Your Life

Reclaim Your Life
Where did your current behaviours and reactions come from?

Your fears & phobias? Emotional triggers… shame, anxiety, stress, not good enough?

Mostly they are rooted in your deeper mind. Your subconscious or your unconscious mind.

When you have a reaction to a trigger or shout something out - do you ever feel it’s that younger version of you expressing itself?

Have you ever had that experience where you said something and you thought “wait! That’s Dads voice or Mums voice or their words” . Or maybe the younger you.

Imagine this concept extrapolated across your team. What impact does it have on the cohesion, the chemistry, the communication and the productivity of your business?

While we can’t change what has happened in the past, we can change the perspective of the past. Those imprints and neurological pathways can be adjusted in a way that frees you.

When done right it’s like that younger version of you hands back the keys so the adult you is now in control of your life.

This is a truly liberating experience. And very rewarding to watch the change take place.

Next time you react to a trigger, check in with yourself. Who was really reacting? The adult or the child. And how long do you want that child to be ruling your behaviours?

Want to learn more about how to change this and take back the keys to your life?

DM me or put KEYS in the comments

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Clear your monkey mind in 2 minutes!

Clear your monkey mind in 2 minutes!
Good morning and Happy Monday :)

Does your monkey mind get in the way?

You know, you’re trying to focus on sorting out a challenge or getting things done and that crazy self talk, worry, stress or concerns keep getting in the way.

To gain peace and obtain clarity it’s important to still the mind. When you do, that’s when you can have “flow”, allowing peace & clarity. Answers and insights can now bubble up more easily without any monkey chatter getting in the way.

Let me share a 2 min exercise with you.

If you’re driving or operating machinery then come back to this exercise. You do need to be able to close your eyes.

Practice will make this easier and quicker.
Let me know how you go.

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Get Mind Fit!

Get Mind Fit!

If you’re following through on your a popular New Year’s resolutions then you may be starting to go to the gym you want to get fitter and stronger.

There is only one way to do it… regular exercise. 

Now you could go to a 24hr gym. No guidance, no program, no trainer.  You’re on your own. 

What will your results be like? 
Not as good as having a personal trainer working with you, customising a program and then following through to make sure you’re on track.

What about your mind? Do you have a personal trainer, customising a program and holding you accountable to achieve your goals? 

Brain training for mind fitness!

Want to train your brain for fitness of mind?

Put MIND in the comments or DM me for a Mind Fitness assessment.

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