3 Tips To Hit Your Life's Targets
Are you hitting the target for what you want in life?

Do you find yourself taking the shots but not hitting the mark?

What May be holding you back, keeping within your existing life is your self image, your self belief, your paradigm for life.

It’s not your fault. Although it’s your responsibility to make the changes once you are aware of the need to change.

From birth you were loaded up with programs for life by others who didn’t have an instruction manual for their own life.

If you aren’t happy with missing the target here are 3 tips for starting to make the change you desire
1. Know specifically what you want. Vivid, 3 dimensional, surround sound beauty of your ideal life hitting the target.
2. Intensify your desire to achieve your outcome. Calibrate what your desire is now. If it isn’t a 10/10, then review what can make it a 10. Your unconscious mind responds to emotion.
3. Commitment. Are you a 10/10. If you’re not then consider the rest of your life travelling on the road you are currently travelling on. Where does it lead to? What are the consequences of not changing?
What’s the cost - physically, emotionally, financially.
Is this what you want?

If this hit a chord with you and you feel like It’s time to change I invite you to see for yourself how you can make adjustments to your self Image.

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