3 Tips To Restore The Damage Of Broken Trust
What’s one your greatest assets that when it’s broken it’s very hard to restore ?

We work with people we know, like & TRUST, don’t we.

When a trust is broken it can also create a scar on the mind of the person on the receiving end. Maybe creating a pattern where they do not trust anyone. This can be quite a limiting state of mind.

The question is “how do we get over the memory of that experience which has had such a powerful effect on our life?”

Let me share 3 tips to get past that memory of broken trust and betrayal.
1.  Change the meaning. Just because one person broke your trust doesn’t mean everyone is like that.
2.  Be aware of your story. If you repeat your story of that experience and you feel yourself filling with the emotions that you experienced at the time…maybe it’s time to stop telling the story.
3. Scrub the memory. Here is where we dip into your unconscious mind to take away the power of that memory.

Remember, you can’t live in the past. Why carry this burden with you and let it ruin your enjoyment of life?

Your power is in the here and now in this present moment.

If this resonates with you & it sounds like it makes sense and you can see the way this could work for you…. DM me so i can share with you how this could work for you.

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