Back To Your Future...creating new reality...hypnotically!
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“Back to the Future”
I want to share with you an exciting hypnotic concept about the nature of reality.
Do you want to begin an incredible journey? Then it’s back to the future.
Daydreams can become reality.
You probably have something that you truly desire in your life.
The trick is to convince your unconscious mind that it is real and it is now.
Many people already do this in a negative way to create panic, stress, anxiety and depression.

You can use it to create a new, positive and empowering reality.
This is how it works. You create the new identity. ..with emotion amd symbolism… and imagine yourself going into this identity ..spending time there to enjoy it. Repeat every night as you drift to sleep.

You can reinforce it with vision board, a mind movie, a self hypnosis recording, pictures around your home… until it appears.

Are you committed to this change?

If so, reach out and grab a complimentary 1 on 1 , 30 min coaching session with me…

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  1. Mae-Rose O"Connell  03/26/2024 10:12 PM Central
    Thank you Wayne for your invitation, I certainly want to create a new identity. Not sure how to book an appointment with you.
    Regards Mae-Rose

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