[contact_first_name] ,When do you start again after screwing up?
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When is the best time to start again?

You know, when we are breaking and remaking a pattern in our lives…you fall over, you make a mistake, you backslide, you go back to the old pattern…

A client contacted me yesterday. He said “I broke”. He had a vape after being off them for ages. Then he said “I’ll start again next week”.

“Why not start again NOW!” I replied.

If you’re retraining your brain, changing your beliefs or creating a big change in your life be serious about it. NEVER GIVE UP!

This is where hypnotherapy and coaching meet. Breaking patterns, repatterning, repetition and accountability.

Be encouraged. Just because you took a step back doesn't mean you have to stay back.

Start again NOW!

If you need a helping hand then reach out to me here and we can get you started back on track in a complimentary, 30 min RESTARTER coaching session.

Have a most awesome day!

Wayne :)
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