What's your message from the man in the mirror?
Who are you soon when you get ready for the day, when you look in the mirror what are the first words saying to yourself?
 The first hour of the day is determining what your day is going to be like.
 Stress, anxiety & depression are having a massive impact on our lives. Maybe on you or maybe someone you know.
When you get up in the morning to get dressed, you can mentally dress yourself for the day you want to have.  What I mean by mentally dressing it’s so you are going to the wardrobe pulling out the mindset of the person who is going to be in control, and also aligning with their purpose. 
There is saying in a philosophers book about many people today leading lives of quiet desperation and I’ve seen this in my clients …  alcohol gambling whatever they’re just trying to change the way they feel just so they can get through the day because they’re not living the life they want. Instead, they life live in desperation, 
feeling like they can’t change, can’t take control where they are, and everything else in life is controlling what they do and how they feel.  
It’s quite a powerful force. 
Can you use this power for the positive? To make a decision to commit to making the change that we want?
I’ve love to invite you to Wednesday‘s webinar on “How to mentally dress for success and happiness” so you can put aside stress, anxiety and depression l.
One of the great skills you can acquire is to take control of how you feel and think.
If you want to learn more about it , then 
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And I’ll send you the link for the webinar this Wednesday 23rd August at 730pm


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