What level of vibration are you at?
What’s your level of vibration / energy today? And how do you improve it?

Are you going into work feeling flat, or neutral or pumped for the day ahead?
What ever level you're starting the day, you can boost it to where you want it to be.

If you want to know you're vibration you are probably already describing a feeling that you have with in you.

Here are my tips to life your vibration/energy level.
1. Reframing - give the circumstance, the day, the place you are in a new meaning. Eg from redundancy to "my future is freed up for new opportunities"

2. Motion - start moving. Motion changes emotion. In a sense it is like making a physical reframe. When you change your vantage point you will see things differently. Get some fresh air. Go for a walk.

3. Create a new ending. If you're worried about a negative outcome then change what you are imagining. You can do these in several ways.
a. Imagine seeing the outcome you desire. Visualise the positive.
b. Write a new ending. Put pen to paper and write out the ending you want to create
c. To add more power to this, imagine stepping into the future and FEEL the positive outcome, HEAR the words of a positive outcome and SEE the positive outcome.

4. To make this easier for you to get into this STATE of MIND, utilise a process called ANCHORING. You link a physical signal to the feeling so you can step into it at any time.

What difference will it make? When you are more energised, vibrating at a higher level you will naturally be more productive and more profitable.

Mindset -> Behaviour -> Achievement!

If you liked these tips and you want to learn more for yourself and your team to be more energised and positive to be more productive and profitable then DM me for a chat on how this can work for you.

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