Ask yourself "Who AM I?"
When did you last stop and ask yourself “Who am I?”

You can easily get caught up in the rush of life.
You are not your job.
You are not your business.

You can have an identity for the various aspects of life…husband, father, son, brother… but that doesn’t answer the question. "Who Am I?"

Yesterday a client was discussing this topic with me. We agreed that it would be a good task to explore deeper. This was in the context of who he was before childhood trauma.The suggestion was to spend some time in the silence, in the dark , solitude to explore.

Then the question is what will you do, who will you be when you can answer “who am I?”

You will be able to stand in your power, your purpose with confidence and clarity. 
What happens after that is up to you!

To your own self be true!

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