Good news! Your mind is plastic!

Your mind is plastic! 
Why is it good news? Because it means that YOU can change your life when you change your mind.

From birth, you are learning and embedding thought patterns which will dictate your behavior and achievements in life. 
Everything from the way you walk, talk, communicate to the opposite sex, and so much more. The first 7 years begins your imprint period. The process continues…slows down a bit as you develop your critical conscious factor until your identity seems fixed. 

BUT... it isn’t fixed. 

You can change. This is the concept of Neuro-plasticity. The way you think can be changed. Best that you control your mind rather than others. Who are the others? Just about everything around you is impacting you - education, politics, religion, mainstream and social media, groups you belong to etc

Your patterns of behaviour can be reshaped and rewired . When they do change, your whole life can change.The good news is that you can change!

You would have experienced this type of change accidentally - sudden emotional events changing your beliefs - divorce, redundancy, losses etc

And there are good changes to - falling in love, sudden promotion, serendipitous events

Better still, decide to make a change and find someone who can help you make a neurological shift - someone who can see outside your own blinkers of limiting beliefs.

Sound like a good idea? Feels right? 

See how this can work for you DM me to have a complimentary, confidential, 1 on 1, 30 minute coaching session to explore this for you.

Have a Fantastic Friday!

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