Your W??? is your W???
“Your word is your wand.” Florence Scovel Shinn

What you are saying is creating the world you are experiencing.Listen to what you say and see if it supports you or sinks you down.

Anything after “I” or “I AM” is expressing your unconscious beliefs about yourself or reinforcing a negative view on a situation you are not enjoying
- I feel greatI can do it
- I am doing well
- I AM advancing in all i do

- I AM too old
- I AM too tired
- I can’t do this
- I suffer from overwhelm
Etc Etc

How to change it?

Listen to what you’re saying

Assess it
Reframe it, 
adjust it, 
eliminate it

Your words are setting you up to travel on one of two paths - success or failureLove to know your thoughts. 

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