Reclaim Your Life
Where did your current behaviours and reactions come from?

Your fears & phobias? Emotional triggers… shame, anxiety, stress, not good enough?

Mostly they are rooted in your deeper mind. Your subconscious or your unconscious mind.

When you have a reaction to a trigger or shout something out - do you ever feel it’s that younger version of you expressing itself?

Have you ever had that experience where you said something and you thought “wait! That’s Dads voice or Mums voice or their words” . Or maybe the younger you.

Imagine this concept extrapolated across your team. What impact does it have on the cohesion, the chemistry, the communication and the productivity of your business?

While we can’t change what has happened in the past, we can change the perspective of the past. Those imprints and neurological pathways can be adjusted in a way that frees you.

When done right it’s like that younger version of you hands back the keys so the adult you is now in control of your life.

This is a truly liberating experience. And very rewarding to watch the change take place.

Next time you react to a trigger, check in with yourself. Who was really reacting? The adult or the child. And how long do you want that child to be ruling your behaviours?

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