When you think of a major goal you want to achieve in the next 12months..
maybe in the area of health, wealth, relationships, career or business...
what is the one thing, that if you do it consistently, will take you to your goal?

Is it - 
- weight release...a daily walk, riding to work each day, getting up earlier to do a yoga session
- career...developing confidence...putting out resumes...building your network
- relationships...reaching out to people...strengthening existing relationships
- business...daily actions that grow your clients....15 minutes a day collecting outstanding accounts
- wealth...learning to invest

Our “21 Day Consistency Challenge” starts tomorrow morning 7th May 8:30am AEST
Together, we will build this one new habit.
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More details in video
Looking forward to helping you make a difference in your life.
Have a magnificent Monday
Wayne :)

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  1. Lisa Jane Garner  05/06/2024 01:40 AM Central
    Your video cut out but I’m keen to know more ( if this time works too)

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