Who is in control of your emotions?
Whoever or whatever controls your emotions controls you!

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Do you ever experience an emotion that is a reaction? Maybe it’s a news article, something that someone said, something you saw. And suddenly you feel - anger, sadness, frustration, overwhelm… or happiness, joy elation

While external circumstances control your emotions then someone or something is in control of how you feel, what you think, what you do and what you achieve.

What will happen when you flip the tables on this situation and YOU take control of how you feel? You no longer allow external circumstances to govern your emotions. You belong to you! You are “AT cause” ie you are the cause, the reason you feel certain ways, think certain thoughts, do certain things and achieve what you want to achieve.

Can you imagine the freedom and peace of mind you can experience?

Here are 3 tips to make the change -
1. Take responsibility. Where ever you find yourself, whatever circumstance you are in…say “IAM responsible.
This will shift your sense of ownership and control.
2. Be aware of how you are feeling. This is an indicator of what you are focused on. Maybe the emotion is like a geiger counter warning you to shift your focus.
3. Take action. Know what you want and commit to taking one step at a time to get there. Reverse engineering the goal may help you to determine what those small steps will be. As you accomplish the small steps your level of belief in yourself will grow. You will begin to believe in yourself more strongly and hence do more, be more, have more.

This is a part of the journey of Creating The Ideal Version of YOU for you to enjoy your best life.

Does this resonate with you?

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